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Chiropractic, the natural approach to restoring the normal biomechanics of one’s spine. It’s being used time and time again by professional golfers as the number one way to get them back on track fast.

In golf, a game that requires the utmost balance and skill, the normal back movement (biomechanics) is essential for optimum play. A slight deviation of one or two degrees or a shifting of the center of gravity one or two millimeters can mean the difference between tournament success and disastrous failure. In professional golf, one stroke can be the difference between winning and losing.

Chiropractors are experts at restoring the normal biomechanics to the back. By evaluating the static as well as dynamic movement of the spine, chiropractors can evaluate and make the proper corrections. By using gentle spinal manipulative techniques, physical therapy, exercise and sometimes even bio-mechanical orthotics, we balance the golfer’s body and bring them back to a normal center of gravity.

In golf, center of gravity, balance and the ability to shift one’s weight effortlessly is important to the perfect swing. Since the specifics of the game are based on balance and proper technique, not in strength, balance, normal movement and weight distribution are key in keeping the golfer at his optimum.

Like many athletes, golfers have long recognized the importance of small deviations from their optimum play which can be caused by extremely small variances in the perfect position and condition of their body.

Chiropractic and golf: perfect together. An all natural, drug free system of balancing and optimizing athletic performance, well suited to the game where balance, form and function are so crucial.