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Fibromyalgia syndrome is a painful, debilitating, often-chronic condition that afflicts many millions of Americans. There is no known direct cause and no known direct cure. Sufferers, people like you and me, have often been left floundering with no where to turn for an answer to their pain.

Fibromyalgia syndrome is actually not a disease state in itself; it’s an assemblage of signs and symptoms. Often thought of as some type of auto immune disorder, probably a rheumatoid type disorder, it strikes the soft tissue elements of the body causing weakness, pain and tenderness over various tender spots or trigger zones. The symptoms may wane, or may be exacerbated and remissed for no apparent reason. Some fibromyalgia sufferers show some of the blood parameters of rheumatoid arthritis or other auto immune rheumatoid type diseases, some do not. As such, the diagnosis is made on symptoms and signs alone.

Fibromyalgia sufferers often have pain and dysfunction in soft tissue elements, most notably the tendons and muscles of their upper back and the tendon insertion points in their knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, and neck. The soft tissue element pain is much different than joint pain and can range from a constant aching pain with use of the affected area or pain upon application of pressure.

The typical fibromyalgia sufferer tends to be female and tends to be in the young to middle age category. The condition tends to be experienced more by people who have shown other inflammatory symptoms, but sometimes not.

Chiropractors, specialists in holistic health care by maintaining good health through exercise, diet, rest, positive mental attitude and correction of spinal nerve interference have long held the belief that fibromyalgia, is caused by dysfunction of the immune system. We believe that better functioning of the immune system is a key element in reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Although some painkillers and anti-inflammatories may reduce the symptoms temporarily, they do nothing whatsoever to remove the cause and that is a malfunctioning immune system.

Chiropractic physicians believe that by improving immune function, we can battle the effects of fibromyalgia. That’s been proven out in my practice time and time again. Through better nutrition, removal of spinal nerve interference, a more positive mental outlook, and regular exercise, we’ve been able to help many fibromyalgia sufferers lead a more pain free and productive life.