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PROPER WEIGHT AND GOOD HEALTH; THEY CAN GO TOGETHER - We are a culture obsessed with esthetics. Everyone wants to lose weight and be thin to look like the models in magazines and stars on TV and in movies. The problem is, we as Americans are more concerned with the way we look then how healthy we are. If you treat your nutrition properly however, […]
MIGRAINE HEADACHE: CHIROPRACTIC MAY BE THE ANSWER - You know the feeling all too well. The severe and incapacitating pain that seems to originate behind one eye or on the side of your head. The pain becomes so severe it’s difficult to concentrate; difficult to carry on with your day to day activities, difficult to enjoy life. You call them “migraines” and you’ve […]
LEG PAIN AND SCIATICA: IT COULD BE YOUR BACK - You know the feeling all too well. After sitting for a period of time, you go to get up and you feel a deep, boring, aching sensation in the front of your thigh that extends to your knee. Sometimes you can even feel pain on the inside of your knee or on the side of […]
HEADACHE: IT COULD BE YOUR NECK - Headache: That vice like pressure you feel around your temples, forehead, and the back of your head as though someone is squeezing your head and won’t let go — or the pounding, unrelenting pressure you feel at your temples or between your eyes. It interferes with everything that you do. You can’t concentrate; sometimes you […]
IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME NATURALLY - Chiropractic, the natural approach to restoring the normal biomechanics of one’s spine. It’s being used time and time again by professional golfers as the number one way to get them back on track fast. In golf, a game that requires the utmost balance and skill, the normal back movement (biomechanics) is essential for optimum play. […]
FIBROMYALGIA: THERE IS AN ANSWER - Fibromyalgia syndrome is a painful, debilitating, often-chronic condition that afflicts many millions of Americans. There is no known direct cause and no known direct cure. Sufferers, people like you and me, have often been left floundering with no where to turn for an answer to their pain. Fibromyalgia syndrome is actually not a disease state […]
CHIROPRACTIC AND WOMEN - At The Suburban Chiropractic Center we have had many women patients achieve excellent results with their health with chiropractic care. What are some of the main health issues of concern to women? Women have most of the same health concerns that men have. But women face many health problems unique to them or that more […]
CHIROPRACTIC AND CHILDREN: A NATURAL COMBINATION - “Chiropractic care for my children, why? Their back’s don’t bother them.” One of the most hotly debated topics in health care today is whether or not children can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Let’s examine some of the issues of concern as well as explain the tremendous […]
CAN CHIROPRACTIC HELP RELIEVE MY BACK PAIN? - As a practicing Chiropractic Physician I am often asked this very common question. Before I can answer this question allow me to give you some background on the profession and back pain. Chiropractic is the second largest health care profession in the United States. Even though the profession itself is very young (1895), history shows […]
BACK-PAIN FREE PREGNANCY: IT’S NOT JUST A DREAM ANY MORE - Pregnancy under the best of circumstances is a joyous yet challenging experience. When pregnancy is coupled with symptoms such as back pain, leg pain and/or headaches it can be especially challenging because treatment options are limited. The safest thing for a pregnant woman to do is avoid all drugs and seek natural, non-drug alternative health […]
ATHLETIC INJURIES: FIRST AID IS THE BEST AID - Athletic injuries occur to all of us even if we aren’t athletes. From weekend warrior to weekend gardener, all of us can suffer from the most common types of athletic injuries: sprains and strains. Here, first aid can mean the difference between fast healing and chronic problems. There are 3 basic types of tissue involved […]
ARM TINGLING AND NUMBNESS: IT COULD BE YOUR NECK - A CHIROPRACTIC APPROACH TO ARM AND HAND COMPLAINTS You’re familiar with the scenario and symptoms. Sometimes during the day, you notice that you get a tingling or burning sensation in your upper arm. Occasionally, you may notice it in your hand as well. After you write for a while or work on the computer, you […]
THE TRUTH ABOUT ANTIBIOTICS - When it comes to viral infections,antibiotics work because of the belief behind them,and can actually do more harm than good AS YOU READ THIS, MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE are needlessly taking antibiotics for viral illnesses. Mind you, I am definitely an antibiotic supporter. They have been lifesavers in many situations. Ever since I saw […]
THE GREAT AMERICAN DAIRY MYTH - Despite advertising to the contrary, cow’s milk doesn’t always do a body good I HAVE LONG BEEN A PROPONENT OF A NONDAIRY DIET. I raised my four children that way, and my youngest two, ages 5 and 3, have been dairy-free since birth. Their mother did not have any dairy during nursing, and both youngsters […]