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Pregnancy under the best of circumstances is a joyous yet challenging experience. When pregnancy is coupled with symptoms such as back pain, leg pain and/or headaches it can be especially challenging because treatment options are limited. The safest thing for a pregnant woman to do is avoid all drugs and seek natural, non-drug alternative health care if at all possible.

The pregnant female presents to our office with symptoms most often related to the growth of the fetus. As it develops, the baby increases pressure on the lower back. This lower back pressure can cause secondary compensatory postural changes in the upper back and neck. Thus, symptoms can range from headaches; mid and lower back pain to sciatica, leg pain, and numbness. Another common symptom is hand and wrist pain causing carpal tunnel syndrome because of the increased fluid retention in the body.

By keeping the nerves free from this interference you and your baby will be healthier and Mom will be in less discomfort.

Chiropractic care can ease the discomfort for any pregnant woman suffering from the spinal stress described above, and thus help their nervous system function at its best. By using this safe, effective, non drug therapy, Drs. Murphy and Kretz can help ensure a pain-free, healthy pregnancy. We will work with your OB, midwife, or birthing professional to ensure your pregnancy is the joyous event it should be.